The RIGHT contour and highlight

The RIGHT contour and highlight

“Teach me how to contour and highlight!” is something I hear all the time! Highlighting and contouring is a true testament to the saying “less is more”. We have all seen the dirt-face bad contour and white-out under eye highlight. It’s not cute. So here are some tips to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself.

1. Choose the right shade of both bronzer and highlighter. This is important! Prime example… Nars bronzer in Laguna looks like mud on my skin tone but looks fantastic on several of my friends. You must try out the color and if you can, seek expertise advice on the right color. Same goes for a highlighter, anything too light or too silver can look awful on an olive complexion. Seek an expert opinion. I am always happy to make suggestions. I personally use Soft and Gentile by MAC as a highlighter and an assortment of bronzers to contour. Sometimes i even use a darker shade in a pressed powder to contour/bronze. These are typically matte and give you a wider color selection.

2. What kind of event are you going to? Are you just wanting an everyday contour? Are you going to an event where you will be photographed? Is this for wedding makeup? Certain factors will shift the way you want to contour/highlight. If its for day to day, keep it light, no stripes… the 80’s are long gone, honey. For photographed occasions, you may want to kick it up a notch.

3. Never use anything shimmery to contour! Pigment that reflects light is just not suitable to contour. You are trying to create a shadow. Keep it matte. A highlighter can absolutely have shimmer, it can be matte as well, it just depends on preference.

4. There are no rules… simply suggestions based on experience. Experiment a little bit, see what you like, you will find what you don’t. Pay attention to how certain things wear on your skin throughout the day. This is different for everyone so it is important to try stuff out! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Hope this was helpful!






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